Best Convertible Car Seat – Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat

Trying to find the best convertible car seat for your child? I will share with you some important information about the Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat. When your child is ready to move out of a starter seat and into something bigger, you should be buying the best convertible car seat out there. You should be looking for the best safety rated seat, and for a seat that gets great reviews from sites such as Amazon.

Side impact collisions can be the most dangerous type of collisions and Britax is especially concerned about these type of impacts. The Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible has built in energy absorbing crash pads built in to the seat on both sides which will minimize the potential injuries and shield your children as well as can be in the event of an accident.. Another feature that makes the Britax the best is the Versa tether feature which makes it stay very safe, stable and keeps it in place securely.

Britax has a reputation of safety, probably more so than any other manufacturer in this industry. Safety is what they are known for. If you are going to spend your money on a product, you might as well buy the best that you can buy.

Children also find that the Britax car seats happens to be very comfortable. Comfort and protection is what it is all about. It is fairly easy to install in your vehicle. With that in mind, if you are planning on moving it from car to car, it can be a bit inconvenient as it is big and somewhat heavy. That is due to the fact that it is built for safety.

There are a few other models of Britax that are also very good. To read reviews about all of these different models, and to find the best online prices on these car seats,

Find the Best Car Insurance Rate Quotes

Are you looking for insurance? If you are then you are going to want to find great car insurance rate quotes so that you will be able to choose a company that you can afford. You can find many companies online and getting a quote will be easy. You only have to fill out an online form and submit it. Make sure that you fill out the form completely and accurately so that the quote you receive will be accurate.

When you have the car insurance rate quotes from a few different companies, you will be able to view them and see which one offers the best deal for the type of coverage you want. The more coverage you want the more expensive the insurance, naturally. However, the more coverage you have the safer you will be if you were to get into an accident. Keep this in mind.

You might qualify for certain discounts. Those who are members of certain organizations or who have good driving records might find that they can get substantial discounts. Don’t hesitate to ask about discounts – you might be surprised at how much you can save. Keep in mind that some companies will check your credit rating when they are preparing car insurance rate quotes. The better your credit the better the quote will be.

Everyone wants something slightly different from his or her insurance, whether it is more coverage or a better rate. It might take a few hours of time on the web, but you will be able to find the coverage you need for a price you can afford. Before you choose a company, make sure you read over all of the paperwork so that you know what you are getting with your policy.

Wildly Under Funded With Gravely Ill Advocates

This morning I watched the March 13, 2008 video of Dr. Randy Pausch sitting before Congress. You may know him as the professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon. His last lecture video that was made famous by “youtube” has had over 6 million hits since he gave it in September of 2007.

I have been following Dr. Pausch’s progress in his inspirational fight against this dreaded disease, pancreatic cancer. This cancer doesn’t care that he never smoked, drank or is an avid exerciser. This cancer doesn’t care that he is only 47, a brilliant professor and has three young children ages 6, 4, and almost 2 who will be fatherless before the end of this year.

Dr. Pausch spoke before Congress, bravely describing the need for more funding for pancreatic research. I watched as the panel attentively listened to his testimony. I was reminded of the statement, “If the Congressional Panel put down their blackberry’s and actually listened, it was a good sign.” Was Congress attentive to Dr. Pausch’s testimony because of his new found “youtube” celebrity status? We’ll never know, but I hope that they continue to give everyone testifying before them, the same proper courtesy.

Pancreatic cancer is the most deadliest form of cancer with the least NCI funding. Less then 1% of the National Cancer Institutes 4.8 billion dollars on cancer research is given to fight this disease. With 75% of pancreatic cancer patients dying from this disease in less then one year, why is it so under funded?

My thoughts on this matter bring me to some humbling opinions. Brilliant researchers are diligently working to find cures. I will use St. Jude’s Hospital as an example. The cure rate for the childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia was 4% survival rate in 1962. Today they are looking at an 80% survival rate, on this once “universally fatal” disease. That would never have been possible without those researchers being heavily funded.

When dealing with pancreatic cancer, there is little to no incentives to research this cancer. Junior researchers with their smart, brilliant minds want to make a big difference in this world. Working on projects that are barely funded, just isn’t something most researchers want to commit to. Smart researchers want to work on heavily, funded projects. They want to make certain that their in-depth studies will continue.

Another problem is lack of advocates. As Dr. Pausch reminded us, pancreatic cancer patients don’t last long. There isn’t much time for them to get their own affairs in order, let alone advocate for funds. I’m positive his wife Jai will do all she can to continue his fight for funding, but even then her time will be limited with the demands of raising 3 young children .

Tomorrow, March 22nd will be the anniversary of my own fathers death due to this hideous disease. My time of lamenting hasn’t ended. In the four years of my fathers passing “nothing” has changed. After hearing Dr. Pausch’s speech before Congress today, I was saddened to learn “nothing” has changed in the past 30 years. Pancreatic cancer is still the least funded and most deadliest form of cancer.

Several questions come to my mind when I think of the lack of funding given to these very neglected patients. Are they medically not profitable enough? When my father was diagnosed, he was told to go home and get his things in order. My parents had discussed the option of chemotherapy with their Doctor and although it might have given him a little more time, he chose not to have this treatment. You can imagine the lack of compassion felt, when he received several phone calls from the oncologist office wanting to set up his chemotherapy sessions. The nurse became absolutely irate when my mother declined to make the appointments. I can’t help but wonder if my father had “No” health insurance, if the oncologist would have been so eager for him to be scheduled.

In closing I pray that Congress will not repeat the same injustices that had been placed on those “now deceased patients.” No matter what our government might think, nobody is immune from this disease and it could easily happen to them or one of their own. As it stands now it will continue to be a round robin, no win situation. With lack of funding, researchers are just not interested in tackling this mountain and without researchers the next 30 years look just as grim for the pancreatic cancer patient as in the past.